The Fair started as an agricultural gathering. True to its roots after all these years we are proud to offer many aspects of agriculture from the large animals in the pulling area, the 4H tents with small animals and hundreds of exhibits in the Exhibit Hall. As you visit the various venues feel free to ask questions. Exhibitors enjoy helping you understand what you see. Owners care deeply for these animals and represent a valuable to them. Their participation is regulated by state guidelines. Should you question anything you see, please raise it to the official in charge of that area.

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In 2023 Sponsored in part by Friends of the Fair,Jim & Donna Boyko, Austin Brothers farm, Austin Ridge Acres,Hodgen Landscaping

In times past, horses and oxen were used for all types of work. Farmers would bring their best teams to fair to show off and compete for bragging rights. Some farmers have kept this tradition alive and compete in our modern fairs for trophy’s, ribbons, and prize money as well as bragging rights. The current contests are tests of strength and skill as the driver and the team become one to pull the heaviest weight. Belchertown Fair has one of the largest and most heavily attended horse pull and ox draw on the fair circuit. Each contest has several weight classes. In 2012 there were 22 horses with the top team crossing 21,000 pounds to tie a Belchertown Fair record. The top oxen team crossed 18,000 pounds out of 62 oxen in attendance. In 2013, there were 30 horses crossing a top weight of 16,000 pounds and 56 oxen crossing a top weight of 14,500 pounds. In 2018, there were 17 pair of oxen and a top weight of 12,000lbs and 18 pair of horses with a top weight of 15,000lbs. Over the years the class sizes have gotten smaller for a variety of reasons but the competition remains . Without a doubt this is a popular fair event. Pulling enthusiasts get their seat early so they can check out the competition and catch up with old friends while waiting. After looking over the teams, there is always healthy debate about who the winner will be. There is no doubt it takes a combination of skilled driving, animals that work together and the prevailing weather. If you haven’t seen this activity, it is a do not miss. Make your way to the pulling area on the North end of the common. The knowledgeable announcer will guide you through what is happening. It is entertaining as well as fun for us. It is serious work for the pullers. Grab a seat and check it out! But do not assume that this is the only reason to hang out in this area. There are activities all weekend long. Get your seat and favorite fair food. Enjoy the show.


Sunday 9/22/2024

Weigh In Begins 8 AM

Up To 2,400 Lbs

Up To 2,800 Lbs

Up To 3,200 Lbs

Over 3,200 Lbs

2023 Top Weight 9,000 Lbs

3 classes EACH CLASS -1st -$250, 2nd -$200 ,3rd $150 – remaining teams in class will receive $25 gas stipend.

Over 3200 Class – 1st- $275, 2nd-$225, 3rd $175- remaining team will receive $25 gas stipend

Over all Driving Excellence Award for the day -$250


Saturday 9/21/2024

Noon or immediately following the Parade.

Classes: Up to 3,300 pounds

Over 3,300 pounds

2023- Top weight was 11,000

Each Class 1st -$350, 2nd – $300, 3rd -$250, 4th- $200 -remaining teams $25 gas stipend